Welcome to Opinion Connection®

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Welcome to Opinion Connection powered by Valpak | Research Services!

The panel is made up of very important people to our business, consumers who want to share opinions on savings and thoughts about Valpak and it's products (plus you'll get a sneak peek at potential new concepts).

So what does signing up mean?

Each month you will be invited via email to complete a brief online survey covering a wide range of topics such as savings trends, digital coupons, the Valpak blue envelope, Valpak.com and even savvy mobile shopping - the topics change every month - but what doesn't change is:

- We'll only contact you once a month for an activity which takes less than ten minutes
- We'll never sell or distribute your email address to a third party for any reason

We want these short, once a month activities relevant for your lifestyle so the first step is for us to learn a little about you.

Thank you once again for joining Opinion Connection and sharing your valuable opinions.